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Friday, June 5, 2015

Friday Morning Surprise

 A homestead that has free range chickens makes farm life interesting, often times frustrating. For instance they love to lay eggs in strange places, scratch for bugs in pretty gardens and mess up the goat areas. It is a constant chore just to try to keep them in their chicken areas. 

All of the crazy difficulties of free range chickens felt all so worth it this morning; when we walked out to our buck yard to find a momma hen with 5 little chicks! Oh, how I love the life of a homesteader!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Busy Days

Our lettuce patch.
Making new friends.
I know most people this time of year are busy
with graduation parties, weddings, school ceremonies and the many other things that keep us busy. The same applies to us here but we also have the added hectic schedule of our homestead.

On a homestead late spring is quite a busy time. It is the time for kidding, selling kids, bringing in new ones, bottle feedings, garden work, farmers market and did I mention garden work.

Here are a few photos that capture our hectic but wonderful days.
Nim our new buckling
"Nice to meet you"
 Cleaning time

Managing a growing Herd

Mommas and Their Kids
Play time

Feeding time
 Sometimes we are the momma!

Everything in the garden green.

Grateful for a Thriving

Handmade signs  at the market
give things our personal touch.
Bringing a baby goat gets lots of attention.
A display of herbs for sale.
Who could resist buying from this smiling face?

At the Farmers' Market