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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Canning Salsa Water Bath Method Revised*

Now everyone always asks me for my salsa recipe . . . it is different every year. I will give you a basic of what is in salsa. You must make it your own. Don't be afraid to try different things. But if you are not like me and need and want more guidance, there are plenty of great recipes on the internet or you could check out cookbooks at your local library.
But here is what I do:
Tomatoes - how many?  just pick out of your garden, food store or farmstand and chop until you don't feel like chopping anymore
Onions - what you got 
Garlic - raw or roasted we don't care
Peppers - hot, mild, sweet, throw it in there
Touch of sugar, Dash of salt, toss in some vinegar. Oil is optional.  * I actually added lime juice to this batch of salsa. . . what is important is you need some form of citric acid  . . . it could be lime or lemon juice or some type of vinegar to prevent botulism. I prefer lime juice because the vinegar gives the salsa a funny taste. 

Next cilantro is one of my "have to have" in salsa. I pick a bunch, chop and in the pot it goes.
My family loves it when I add fruit : peaches or pineapple or mango. This batch has there favorite mango. Why my son threw in a cucumber this year I'm not sure why. . . but it tasted great! 

Once you have made a whole bunch and your family has eaten a bunch of it with chips, eggs, rice (whatever you and them love to put salsa on). If you have any extra (because you made so much) you will need to do something with it so it doesn't go bad. Canning is usually what I do next. Then I hide them in the basement away from hungry teenagers! Yes, I ration!

 What you need:  A canning pot with jar rack, other pots for boiling water and food, canning funnel, magnetic lid catch, jar grabber, ladle, glass jars, canning lids and fasteners (all must be sterilized in boiling water) and Your Yummy Salsa
I heat to 165-180 degrees to kill any bacteria.

Pour into sterilized jars. Leave at least 1/2 from the top.
Be sure that there is no food spillage on top.
Wipe with cloth dipped into boiling water.
Carefully remove sterilize lid.
Place lid carefully on top of filled jar
Screw on fastener. Not too tight not too loose. 
Start putting them 
Once your jar rack is full put it in your canning pot.
Slowly lower into boiling water. Add more water if needed.
Process Time: 20 minutes

After your process time is finished
carefully lift jars out of the water bath.
I leave mine alone for 24-48 hours
before putting them into storage.
Be sure your lids have suctioned down.
I usually remove fasteners for storage. 

I hope this was helpful. If you have any further questions feel free to comment or contact me!
Happy Canning!

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  1. Thanks for the how-to, I've been missing some critical tools like the tongs and the lid catcher, which makes for many burns!