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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Dyeing Homestead/Farm-fresh Eggs

Questions I always seem to get each year around this time : "You raise your own chickens right? The eggs are not white . . . do you have to go out and buy white eggs? Can you really dye brown eggs?"

What our eggs normally look like.

Yes, I have been keeping chickens for some time now. No, I do not go out and buy white eggs. And yes you can dye brown eggs. My chickens lay a range from light brown to darker brown, from white to blue-green. In some cases it would almost seem silly to dye them at all since they already look to beautiful. But this is a fun tradition I don't think I will ever grow out of . . .  and as you will see from these pics neither have my teenagers.

I have over the years learned a few things about dyeing homestead eggs. 

1. This one may seem strange but when I first starting getting our own eggs I could not seem to hard-boil them. I thought is was me. The whites always stuck to the shell and I would end up with a tore up hard-boiled egg. A friend of mine told me it was because they were too fresh. So I started a few weeks before Easter tucking a few dozens in the back of the fridge to age. (According to food safety rules raw eggs can store in your fridge for 3-5 weeks). These are the eggs I use for hard-boiling and dyeing.

No matter what color they
started as . . . they will be soon
be a work of art.
2. Now, I am usually a big crazy for not using artificial dyes. But, come on now, it is only once a year and we are not really eating it. Besides the artificial dyes come out more vibrant and since are eggs are not white we need more vibrant.  JUST THIS ONCE USE STORE BOUGHT ARTIFICIAL DYE

3. We make up 3 different types of dye batches. One batch the tablet dissolved in just water = pastels. One batch the tablet dissolved in vinegar and water = more bold. And one batch just in vinegar = really bold. 

4. We are not afraid to use any other materials not included in our little dye box. Tape, markers, crayons, markers, paint, nail polish and heat guns. MAKE IT CREATIVE AND FUN BECAUSE THAT IS ALL THIS IS ABOUT ~ FAMILY FUN.
Kolbe making a tie-dye egg.
One Egg to Rule them All
Donovan gets really
into making a Lord
of the Rings
themed egg.

The Egg-eye of Sauron

I am not sure what
my crazy boy is doing here,
but the color is beautiful.

Having fun with her Ninja Eggs.

Our whimsical creations.

 Happy Easter!


  1. Our chickens lay brown eggs and I always thought it would be difficult to dye them so I buy white eggs. Next year we will have to try dyeing the brown ones. Thanks for the tip..... Beth Nelson

    1. Hi Beth,
      When we first started keeping chickens I used to go out and buy white eggs. And then I thought what am I doing . . . so I just tried dyeing brown eggs one year and realized it worked. We have been doing it ever since . . . So happy that I could pass some tips on!