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Monday, August 18, 2014

Homestead Reality

A pretty little display
I set up in my kitchen

Before I started blogging about homesteading, I used to read a lot of homestead blogs. I would wonder about these blogs. I would see all the pics of their pristine land and beautifully clean homes. They would write about doing all these different things. How in the world did these people do all this stuff? Their homesteads stayed clean and they have the time to blog about it. Since I started homesteading it has been anything but clean and perfect. It has been more like: mud, sweat, tears and sometimes blood. 

Calm, cute goats hanging out by the fence.
So why did I add myself to the many other homestead bloggers. It may have started with our friends telling us we were unique and we should blog about our life. Seriously? I could barely get through a homestead day never mind blogging about it afterward. 

Just when I started to think I was a homestead failure I started to see our homestead from a different angle. The angle from the lens of my 14 yr. old son Kolbe's camera. And so I began to blog. Wow, pictures and a little thoughtful writing can really put things into perspective. I guess I could make us look as cool as all the other homestead bloggers.

HOMESTEAD REALITY: Goat getting into the feed
bins in the barn. Donovan and I struggle to get her out!
But for the sake of honesty to myself, the homestead and my faithful readers I have to show and tell you some of the  bad realities of homesteading. 

Homesteading is a lot of work. It is often times messy and tiring and downright gross.  Rain, snow or sun chores must be done.

Home under construction.
in front of the
stove in a tiny, messy kitchen.
We make plenty of mistakes, but we learn from them. Every time we are completely exhausted we appreciate our rest.  I could give you so many examples but I will spare the long boring post.  Just know only a few homesteaders continue to live "the simple life" I just hope we are one of them.
Getting hay in the pouring rain.

I know I am starting to make it sound horrible. But for every homestead bad reality there is so much amazement and joy. Watching our garden grow, watching our kid goats grow, watching the chickens and collecting there eggs. We get to watch our children grow and learn so close to all of God's creations. Homesteading with all of its realities good or bad is just the right thing for us.

Fresh goat milk being poured into a filter.
Covering a milk pail
with a towel
to keep flies out!
HOMESTEAD REALITY: Junk piles from old barns,
home construction and other toys and projects.

Beautiful serene farm scene.