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Monday, December 8, 2014

7 Healthy Homestead Habits

"Our apothecary's shop is our garden full of pot-herbs,
and our doctor is a good clove of garlic." - Anonymous

This is the season for family, friends and festivities; but it is also the season for colds and viruses. We have had our fair share of these ailments but most of the time my family seems to avoid many of these sicknesses. Here is how I believe we do that:

1. Maintain a healthy diet - During the winter months it seems there is a lack of veggies around. You can still grow some salad greens in a window box. You can also grow your own sprouts. If you don't know how look for a future post soon or you could google it now. There is also nothing wrong with adding frozen veggies to your favorite soups or dishes.
Incense burning
for fragrant air
and aromatherepy.

2. Use of Essential Oils and Organic Incense - there are so many benefits to the use of essential oils. Get to know the different kinds of oils available(online or at a local health food store). You can put them in an diffuser. Put a few drops on your pillow at night. Fragrance devises and scented candles may add scent to your home but they also add lots of chemicals. We try to avoid these chemical or perfumed candles unless they are made with essential oils.

During the cold/flu season Thieves Oil is my favorite - you can make your own ( or my favorite place to purchase it is at Piping Rock. Carry it in your purse to holiday parties. Put some on yourself and children. You can rub Thieves Oil under your nose, rub some on your hands as you would sanitizer. Thieves Oil is antibacterial and antifungal.
Thieves Oil is a
cold/flu season must-have!

Thieves Oil Recipe
20 drops of Clove Oil
20 drops of Lemon Oil
9 drops of Cinnamon Oil
8 drops of Eucalyptus Oil
6 drops of Rosemary Oil
My essential oil
medicine cabinet.


3. Eating and drinking probiotic-rich drinks and foods - In this case bacteria is your friend. A lot of times people get sick because their bodies are lacking the Good Guy Bacteria. Probiotics help your body fight the bad bacteria. Take a probiotic supplement, eat yogurt or grow your own. I make kombucha. Kombucha is easy to brew at home and is packed with probiotics and antoxidants. Fermenting your veggies is another cool option.

4. Taking daily vitamins and supplements - You should get all the vitamins and minerals you need from your food. But lets face it we are an on the go kind of people and often times do not get a completely balanced diet. Add supplements but sure to check the amounts carefully and also consult a trusted doctor.

5. Drink plenty of fluids - Of course water . . . if you hate water add a cucumber or lemon. Mineral water is always a favorite of mine when I want something sparkling. But do not forget all those herbal teas. You are more likely to crave hot drinks during the cold months.

Other plants such as this aloe
can be useful in the homestead.
Aloe can be used on dry skin and burns.
6. Keeping healthy herbs and plants growing in your home - Plants have a wonderful way of adding greatness to your home. They also add oxygen. If you grow herbs you get the added bonus of them adding fragrance to your environment and yumminess and health to your meals.

7. Spice things up - frequently use spices in your cooking. Garlic, garlic and more garlic - your breath may stink but your body will thank you. Other great spices to beat winter sniffles are ginger, cinnamon, turmeric, oregano and cayenne.

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