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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Homesteading beats Winter Blues

Okay, so I was having a totally hormonal morning. My emotions were all over the place. I broke a glass at breakfast . . . the Christmas cards and ornaments I am working on were all over the dining room table. My thoughts were everywhere  . . . "what am I going to wear to my nieces wedding this weekend" . . . "what am I making for dinner for guest on Sunday" . . . the list could go on. Just as I finished my morning prayers, breakfast and cleaning up the broken glass I was thinking of putting myself in a padded room. But just a minute . . . I had homestead chores to do. . . out to the barn I went.

The animals don't expect much from me. They are content with their food, and a warm pile of hay and in the goats and dogs case a good scratch between the ears. All the animals are sooo happy to greet me any time of the day. They seem to always put a smile on my face. Besides, doing chores gets me up and going even on the worst of days.

Who couldn't resisting smiling at this face!
Although sometimes it seems daunting and time-consuming to run a homestead there is something quite rewarding about it. This morning the beautiful snow falling plus the goats in their cute fuzzy coats completely changed my mood. I guess the padded room can wait  . . . I'll be in my muck boots and overalls in the barn!

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