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Friday, July 18, 2014

Meet Bilbo Part 2

Continuation from previous post Meet Bilbo Part 1.

Bilbo takes a minute for a hug and a pose.
I regained my composure and then realized my kids (human not goat) were just as bewildered as me.  We processed in like a mother duck with her ducklings and somehow managed to find some seats. They were amongst the rows of folding chairs toward the back of the auction. A man with a homemade, electronic, smoking pipe smiled. I smiled back trying not to stare at the strange contraption he held in his lips. Our seats beheld a wonderful view of the kid goats.

Just than a big man, with a loud voice began to yell. He sat up high, on a high desk, just like a judge. He made jokes, tossing items about while adding the occasional, mild cuss word. I thought he was crazy, I thought he was rude and hilarious. I liked him. He had a bunch of guys running items around to people as he shouted numbers and people raised their hands. Some how I ended up with items surrounding me; some tie raps, Little Debbie cakes, some nasty not real juice jugs, paint trays and rollers and some animal cages. Wait a minute, didn't I come here for a goat!?!

Baby Bilbo looking for some love.
"The animals come after intermission" the electronic, pipe-wielding gentlemen remarked to me. He must of sensed my anticipation. "You can go to their pen and have a closer look at them".  I walked over to the pen that had a small group of men around it. One old timer spoke to the goats "turn around little goats so we can see if your a buckling or a doe." As he said this I found myself too curious to wait. All of a sudden I found myself reaching behind the baby goat and up between it's legs, and then again on the second one. "Their both boys," I yelled with excitement. Proud of my farm like action I turned to see the small group of men. Some seemed shocked, others chuckled and others smitten. I must have one of these long-eared cuties. The goats not the men.

Charlotte giving lovin' to baby Bilbo.
The electronic pipe guy then followed me back to my seats. He than proceeded to give me advice on the best way to win my little goat prize. My excitement grew as the time got closer. Chickens and small animals got tossed about and sold. The occasional rake and hoe. Finally, the goats, "going once, going twice sold to the young lady in the bandana". "You want both?" "No thanks, just one . . ." I yelled.  . . . the tan and white one". A runner came up took my money and plunked a little baby goat into my arms. "It's okay, little buddy your coming home with us now."

The man with the electronic pipe was excited for me. He told me how he had lots of goats he won at different auctions. "Okay, I gotta go, thanks for all the advice." I spoke and walked quickly to the Suburban, praying he wouldn't follow us. "Do we have all our stuff? I asked the children "Do we have room for the goat?" "He will sit with us" squealed my daughters.

Gigi laughs as baby Bilbo does a little pose for the camera.
We began to drive home. "What should we name him?" "Bilbo of course" my kids replied in unison. "Just like the Hobbit".  It was just then that I realized I wasn't prepared for a baby goat. Didn't he need a bottle and goat formula. Where was I going to get bottles and goat milk at 9:30p.m.? Walmart was open, but Tractor Supply closed at 8:00pm. Oh, Mickie, like usual, you have gotten yourself into a pickle.

Good thing, God has blessed me with great friends that are just as crazy as me. I dialed.

"Hello, sorry I'm calling so late, do you happen to have some formula or milk from your goats?" "You see I have this baby goat I just picked up at an auction." "Thanks your the best!" (and they are). We went to their house and got some frozen goat milk. "This should be good for tonight until you get to Tractor Supply in the morning."  I then proceeded to Walmart for some baby bottles.

It was late and surely I could not put this baby goat in the barn with the other goats. Who knew how the other goats would react to him. Besides he needed a bottle and he might need me in during the night. We set up a cage with hay in the kitchen.   It was just for the night. He slurped his bottle down and was just getting settled when Rob called from California. "Yeah, he's cute, he's great, he's a Nubian" I said excitedly. "Wait, Rob interjected, isn't a Nubian a standard size goat? I thought you wanted to a goat for mating?" "I did, but he was cute, and I always wanted a Nubian, remember I always wanted a Nubian." I replied. "Yeah, yeah I remember . . .So now what?" Rob asked. "I guess we will just have to get a standard sized baby doe".!!!!!!!

Bilbo gives me a kiss! 
And so that is how Bilbo came to be here on Sanctae Familiae Villa. He now is a year and a half old and spends his days munching on grass and brush. He loves sunbathing and head-butting his barn-mate Butch. When I yell his name he yells back MAAAAA just like that little kid in the pen. Even though he is now the proud Daddy to some of his own kids, he'll always be my little buckling.

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