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Monday, July 7, 2014

Soap Making Mondays

Choosing the right oils for the soap recipe.
Charlotte getting ready to weigh the perfect amount of lard.
Every Monday we make goat milk soap at our homestead. Some days the process goes smoothly, while other days there is a great deal of messy and bad batches (we'll save those for another post). It all adds to the great excitement of making soap.

Here are a bunch of photos of the process taken by homestead cameraman Kolbe. In these photos Charlotte and I are actually making two separate batches but we combined the photos to give you the basic idea of the process.
Melting all the oils and fats

Adding lye to the frozen goat milk.
Carefully stirring the lye into the thawing goat milk.
Smiling helps the daunting task of stirring go by faster.
Adding essential oils.

Adding oil infused and mixed with herbs.

Looks so beautiful
Blend until you achieve trace (very thick).

Pour into mold. Today we used Pringle cans.
It gives us a lame excuse to eat Pringles but the soaps come out so cute.

Now for the hard part. . . waiting the 24 hours for it to be in the mold before you take it out of the mold.

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  1. Mickie, I think you have found your calling. I'll have to try some of your soap soon.