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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Mickie, Mickie quite contrary. . . How does your garden grow?

Tomatoes almost ready for picking in the garden.
Yes I am quite contrary but organic gardening is down right difficult. When you try to garden organically you actually come to have sympathy with all the chemical companies you have spent your time hating.

How to get they right balance of compost to fertilize. Spending many hours in the hot sun pulling handfuls of weeds out of your bed. Garden bed. . .although sometimes at night it is out of hair in my sleeping bed!!!!  The weeds by the way seem to be doing better than many of my vegetables. And do not forget the bugs . . .me who always screamed at the sight of many insects, wormy or hard shelled. . .all enemies to me . . .now reaches in grabs any fearsome looking bug (with my hands) and drops it into a bucket of sudsy water in seconds. All for the love of the veggies.

And here goes the gardening season in my life. I complain, I cry when things get eaten (by animals and bugs) and I rejoice when I see the beautiful tomatoes and yummy lettuce and I thank God for the meal he helped me create. And I thank God again for seeing the joy in my family's eyes when they are enjoying the fruits (or veggies) or our labor.

This is what will make me continue to do this same thing every year.

All for the Holy Family. . .Jesus, Mary and Joseph.
Lettuce from the garden for supper.

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